Faculty & Staff

Our staff at TES brings so much experience and energy to our students every day. Learn more about our crew! Families can reach their child(rens) teachers through the email addresses listed below.

Bethany Barton, 3rd Grade Teacher (bbarton@windhamcentral.org)

I graduated from the University of Vermont with my teaching degree and was fortunate to land a classroom position right out of college at Castleton Elementary School. After working there for 2 years, I took a teaching position at Townshend Elementary School. I have been teaching for 25 years and am currently the 3rd grade teacher. I love my job and am happy to go to work each morning because I enjoy my students' enthusiasm for learning. It's a pleasure to work with these children because I learn something new every day.

Brynn Cassamassa, Kindergarten Teacher (bcassamassa@windhamcentral.org)

I have taught Kindergarten, among other grades, for 7 years. I currently have Early Childhood and Elementary Certifications. I have wanted to be a teacher since I was in Kindergarten. I love helping students learn something new and watching their eyes light up when they get it! I also love that every kid I have taught, has also taught me and how they help me see things in different ways.

Carla West, Physical Education Teacher (cwest@windhamcentral.org)

I am the P.E. teacher for the whole WCSU. Since I was 8, I knew that movement made me feel great! I also knew I liked working with elementary age children. I started out in Early Education and switched to Physical Education. I have a B.S. in Health Sciences with a licensure to teach P.E. I feel like I have the greatest job, because most children in elementary school love to move their bodies and enjoy P.E. class!!

Craig Roach, Principal (croach@windhamcentral.org)

Hello Everyone! It is hard for me to believe but this is the 19th year in education. I've done it all from Special Education to Counselor to College Coach to Teacher, and now I'm in my 5th year as Principal at Townshend Elementary School. Currently, as a natural next step, I'm back at school and working with the Vermont Superintendents Association to become a Superintendent of schools. I believe education has the power the change lives, change families, and impact communities. It's our job as educators to provide students the tools to transcend and transform their lives with every interaction we have with them.

Keene State College- BA Psychology- Counseling and Clinical Application

Keene State College- M.Ed Social Justice

New England College- Educational Leadership

Fiona Creed Chevalier, Library/Media Specialist (fchevalier@windhamcentral.org)

I work as a librarian in multiple elementary schools in WCSU. When I'm not in the library you can find me on walks with my dog, bike rides with my family or alone in my garden. If you see me with earbuds in; I'm listening to an audiobook. My education is: BA in Environmental Studies from Macalester College and a Masters in Library and Information Science from Long Island University.

Reading is a doorway into exploring the world (both real and imagined). I love helping kids discover what worlds they want to explore, helping them develop their interests and learning how to critically look at the world around them both online and IRL.

Honour Solari, 4th Grade Teacher (hsolari@windhamcentral.org)

I graduated from the University of Vermont in 2020 with a degree in Elementary Education and a minor in Special Education. Being a teacher has always been a dream of mine. Growing up with younger brothers, I was constantly supporting them with their school work and looking for ways to help them. This is when my passion for teaching really started. Watching students, or siblings, grasp concepts for the first time and watching their confidence in themselves grow is something very special. This year in my first classroom is no exception. I have a special group of fourth-graders that I look forward to working with every day. Townshend Elementary School is a warm and welcoming community that I have been fortunate to start my teaching career in.

Kathy Gatto-Gurney, Pre-K Teacher (kgattogurney@windhamcentral.org)

I am an educator, a mother, wife, dancer, and sculptor. My education is diverse with a BA in Speech Communications (College of NJ), MA in Dance and Dance Ed. (NYU), and an Early Childhood Ed. Endorsement (UVM). Watching children grow and guiding them along the way, brings me great joy. I love being with preschoolers because they are so pure in spirit.

Kelsey Taddei, Academic Support Teacher (ktaddei@windhamcentral.org)

I grew up in central Massachusetts. I graduated from Assumption College in 2013, earning my masters in special education. This is my 8th year of teaching. I work with classroom teachers and the administration to plan and provide literacy and math intervention and remediation to students.

Kiah Coble, School Counselor MEd. (kcoble@windhamcentral.org)

I approach the school day as an opportunity to help each child feel safe, respected, heard and challenged. My favorite part of being an educator is that it allows me to view the world through a child's eyes. I aim to be their friend, their confidant, and their protector while working collaboratively with all aspects of their community so they can live and learn at their utmost capacity.

Kris Jerz, 5th Grade Teacher (kjerz@windhamcentral.org)

From a young age I always knew that teaching would be my career path. I attended Elms College in Ma. where I received my Bachelors in Science degree with a minor in math and continued my education at Antioch in Keene, NH in order to receive my Masters in Education degree. It has been my pleasure to work at Townshend Elementary School for the past 19 years, the last five with the AMAZING FIFTH grade!

Megan Richardson, 2nd Grade Teacher (mrichardson@windhamcentral.org)

I am Megan Richardson and I live right here in Townshend with my husband and two sons. This is my 22nd year of teaching at Townshend Elementary school where I also attended as an elementary student many years ago. I went on to graduate from Leland and Gray Union High School and continued my education to receive my Bachelors Degree in Education from The University of Vermont. I later studied to earn my Masters Degree in Education at Southern New Hampshire University. I am currently teaching second grade, but have also taught first, third, fourth, and fifth grade over my years at Townshend Elementary School. My love for teaching continues everyday when I see the lightbulbs go off in students' minds when they learn something new and when I get to see their smiling faces enter my classroom each day.

Michele Hartje, Special Educator (mhartje@windhamcentral.org)

I am a Special Educator at Townshend Elementary School and I have worked here since January, 2020. I am a life long learner! Teaching is my second career having spent 25+ years leading business technology teams before going back to college. I hold a Masters of Arts in Teaching (M.A.T.) in Comprehensive Special Education (K-12) from the University of Saint Joseph in West Hartford, CT. Though we have owned a place and visited VT since 2012, my husband and I moved to VT permanently last year after our children flew the nest. I am passionate about how important education is to help us find our own voice. I am grateful to be able to help our students learn.

Renee Merluzzi, Academic Support Teacher (rmerluzzi@windhamcentral.org)

I am an Academic Support Teacher at Townshend. I teach small groups of students that need interventions in math and literacy in various grade levels. This is my third year at Townshend and I am so happy to be a part of a great community. I enjoy teaching all kinds of students and get true joy out of seeing them make growth in their academic and social lives.

Suzanne Paugh, Art Teacher (spaugh@windhamcentral.org)

I have been an art educator for 13 years and still enjoy all the mess and creative energy that comes with the job! I enjoy teaching students about artists from all time periods and have recently been energized about integrating more contemporary artists that may be less well known, but create work that is pertinent to what is happening in the world right now. I aspire to infuse as much CHOICE as I can into my art curriculum so students can truly find their individual artistic voice and become confident and creative in all parts of their lives.